Who we are

What we can do

@DRONES S.r.l.s. is an innovative start-up, compliant with the Italian Law 221/2012.

The company was set up to test and develop a new system to guide automatically, from remote, vehicles .
In particular unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs, commonly called drones.

The company owns, through an exclusive license agreement, a world patent that teaches a new technology for identification management and remote control of vehicles.

@DRONES dynamically organizes and manages securely the routes of any UAV and, interacts with what is present in the area of ​​the flight operations

About his project, @DRONES has verified converging interest of multinational and national top level firms.

@DRONES aims to create an ecosystem that resolves the various issues today on the field:




the @DRONES technology is a practical and safe solution for every operational phase of flight for drones or fleets of drones.